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Aspergilloma Treatment in Delhi

Navigating Aspergilloma Management

Aspergilloma Treatment Delhi - Surgical Solutions and Beyond

Aspergilloma is a condition where fungus balls made up of a fungus called Aspergillus fumigatus form in the lungs. 

These fungal balls are non-invasive and usually occur in people with normal immune systems but structurally abnormal lungs, which have pre-existing cavities. Cavities in the lungs can be caused by various conditions like tuberculosis, sarcoidosis, bronchiectasis, bronchogenic cysts, or air-filled cavities caused by infections like pneumocystis or even Covid infections.

Most of the time, Aspergillomas don’t cause any symptoms. However, in some cases, patients may experience coughing up blood due to the formation of new blood vessels and inflammation around the fungus balls. This is called hemoptysis and can range from minor streaks of bleeding to life-threatening amounts. The main danger is that a large amount of blood can flood both lungs, preventing oxygenation and causing a situation similar to drowning.

Dr Pallavi Purwar

Thoracic Surgeon - Sir Ganga Ram Hospital New delhi

Dr. Pallavi Purwar at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital New Delhi (India) offers comprehensive Aspergilloma Treatment Delhi program in the country providing A-Z of Aspergilloma management all under one roof.

Unraveling Aspergilloma

Understanding Aspergilloma Emergence in the Lungs

Aspergillomas are commonly found in the upper lobes of the lungs, especially after a history of lung tuberculosis, even if it has been successfully treated. 

Aspergillomas can rarely occur in the lower lobes as well. On a plain chest X-ray, an Aspergilloma can be seen as a mass within a cavity. The mass is usually round or oval, and the air around it takes on a crescent shape. By changing the patient’s position, the mobility of the mass can be demonstrated.

A CT scan provides a better view of the rounded mass within the cavity and also shows the air crescent sign around the mass. It can also demonstrate the mobility of the mass when the patient is positioned differently, such as lying down or standing up.

Symptoms Of Aspergilloma

Persistant Cough with Blood

This happens because the fungus can irritate the surrounding areas, causing some bleeding.

Shortness of Breath

If you find yourself getting out of breath more easily than usual, especially during simple activities like walking or climbing stairs,

Chest Pain or Discomfort

This happens because the fungal mass and the inflammation around it can affect the nerves in that area.

Wealth of Experience

Treatment of Aspergilloma in Delhi

As a Thoracic Surgeon at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Dr Pallavi Purwar have a strong background and experience in performing surgical procedures specifically related to the thoracic region, including the lungs. Dr Pallavi Purwar has extensive experience to navigate the complexities of the surgical intervention required for Aspergilloma.

Knowledge of Aspergilloma management: Deep understanding of the disease (Aspergilloma), including its presentation, diagnostic methods, and treatment options. Dr Pallavi Purwar can assist with informed decisions regarding the surgical approach and provide appropriate preoperative and postoperative care.

Surgical planning and technique: Dr Pallavi Purwar can offer a detailed surgical plan that would involve selecting the most appropriate surgical technique, such as lobectomy, segmentectomy, or wedge resection, to remove the aspergilloma while preserving as much healthy lung tissue as possible.

Postoperative care and follow-up: Comprehensive postoperative care to ensure the patient's optimal recovery including monitoring the post operative progress, managing pain, preventing complications, and providing appropriate follow-up care to assess the effectiveness of the surgical treatment.

Aspergilloma Treatment Delhi
Core of Our Practice

Each Patient's Journey is Unique for Aspergilloma Treatment Delhi

At the core of our practice lies the belief that each patient’s journey is unique. 

We are committed to understanding your specific needs and expectations, and partnering with you in devising a personalised treatment plan. Your comfort, confidence, and well-being are our utmost priorities.

Understanding Individual Needs: As a Thoracic Surgeon at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi, Dr. Pallavi Purwar prioritise understanding each patient's specific needs and expectations to tailor a personalised treatment plan.

Focus on Comfort & Well Being: Our utmost priorities are ensuring our patient's comfort, instilling confidence in their treatment journey, and promoting overall well-being throughout the process.

care that extends beyond the operating room

Aspergilloma Treatment Delhi: Patient-Centered Care

We recognize the unique journey that individuals diagnosed with aspergilloma face. Our dedicated Aspergilloma Management Team here at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi, under the guidance of Dr. Pallavi Purwar, is committed to providing a holistic approach to care that goes beyond medical interventions.

From the initial assessment to ongoing follow-up, our team is your steadfast companion throughout your journey. We understand that dealing with aspergilloma involves not only medical considerations but also emotional support. Our aim is to ensure that you receive comprehensive and compassionate care that addresses both the physical and emotional aspects of your health.

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An aspergilloma is a mass-like fungus ball that forms in the lungs. It is typically composed of a fungus called Aspergillus fumigatus and is a non-invasive or colonizing form of pulmonary aspergillosis.